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First time for Everything.

Sperril Drabble requested by my pervert friends. I tried to do it justice. Mama CP if you see this, and I know you will because of your ‘smut’ rule, please don’t kill me. 

This drabble picks up where the first left off.

Spencer smiled, lifting her up bridal style. “I love you too.” He said, carrying her into their bedroom. She giggled softly, “Spencer put me down!” The words came out jokingly, her hold around his neck tightening slightly. He shut the door with his foot, moving over and setting her down carefully on the bed. At the feeling of the soft mattress below her, she instantly became nervous, her stomach tightening. This was not only the first time since the surgery, but it would be the first time she had ever done anything besides kissing. 

As if sensing her nerves, Spencer leaned in, kissing her softly, his hand moving to cup her cheek. He pulled back and looked into her eyes, “I love you so much. You are so beautiful, Merril.” He whispered and Merril placed her lips upon his once more, melting into the kiss. They stayed like that for awhile, simply kissing each other, every now and then whispering their love for the other. After awhile, Spencer broke the kiss, moving to kiss her neck and gently lead her down so that she was laying on the bed. 

Her eyes fluttered shut as she felt his lips on the skin of her neck. She was quickly forgetting about her nerves as she allowed herself to simply get lost in Spencer’s loving touch. Spencer moved his hand to the hem of her cardigan, pulling back, his eyes questioning, not wanting to move too fast for her. She simply nodded and he returned his lips to hers, his fingers slowly unbuttoning her top. He slid it off of her, letting it fall to the floor before slowly removing the cami that was underneath. He pulled back to remove the cami and when he returned, he began to kiss her neck, kissing down and simply spending time exploring her soft skin above her chest. 

Spencer slid his hands to her back, gently removing her lace bra. She opened her eyes, watching him toss the lace bra on the small pile of clothes that was growing on the floor. He slowly moved his hands up her torso. She took in a slight breath as his hands cupped her breasts, still kissing her skin. She closed her eyes once more at the feeling, her back arching ever so slightly into his touch. He kissed down her chest, pressing soft kisses over one of her nipples, his tongue slowly slipping out of his mouth and swirling around the bud. “Oh…” She gasped at the feeling, Spencer chuckled at her response before repeating the action.

"Does that feel good, Princess?" Spencer asked her and she nodded, blushing crimson. He smiled, "good. Because tonight is all about making you feel good." He continued kissing down her stomach, stopping when he reached her skirt. He slowly slid it down, running his hands back up her smooth thighs. "Are you ready, baby?" She nodded once more, "Yes…I’m ready." It wasn’t anything he hadn’t seen before as he had aided her in the post-op care, but it was the first time in any sexual manner that he would be paying attention to her down there and she was more than nervous, in a good way though. 

He hooked a finger around her panties, pulling them down carefully. He pressed soft kisses up each of her thighs, getting closer every time to her center. She let out a content sigh, which turned into a soft moan as he parted the lips of her pussy, flicking his tongue out tentatively up her slit. “Oh god, Spencer…” He smiled slightly, loving the sounds that she was making. He ran his tongue across her pussy once more, flicking it across her clit. She bucked her hips involuntarily and her eyes shot open. “what…sorry.” Her blush grew even deeper and he pulled back, shaking his head. “It is more than all right, princess.” He winked at her, returning his attentions to her.

He leaned up, grabbing a bottle of lubricant from the dresser where it had been waiting for such a time as this and squirted some on his fingers, rubbing it around as he continued to lick her center. He slowly pushed a finger inside of her, letting her get used to the feeling. Merril let out a slow breath as she began to relax with his finger inside of her. When he felt her relax he began to push in and out of her, still using his tongue to pleasure her clit. She moaned softly, pushing back against his fingers as she let her body and urges take over. He slowly inserted another finger, curling them slightly against her g-spot and she gasped, her back arching at the new level of pleasure. 

With every moan that escaped her lips, Spencer could feel himself grow even harder in his uniform pants. He hadn’t even had a chance to change into some more comfortable clothes before everything else had been forgotten. As if she sensed his discomfort, Merril sat up slightly, resting on her elbows, her breathing heavy. “Spencer….I want you….” She blushed but plucked up the courage somehow, “to make love to me.” 

Spencer groaned at the words and the implication of her words. He slowly pulled out of her, moving back up to kiss her as her hands went immediately and began undressing him. She tossed his uniform into the pile with her clothes and smiled shyly as she pulled down his boxer briefs to reveal his erection. She tentatively brushed her fingers across the shaft and he moaned. “Oh god, Mer.” The words came out huskily and she couldn’t help but giggle at how strange and primal he sounded. She repeated the action and he leaned in, kissing her neck as she did so. 

She moved to lay back down on the pillows and he situated himself between her legs. He grabbed the lubricant once more, making sure to apply a generous amount as this was Merril’s first time and he didn’t want to hurt her. He captured her lips in a passionate kiss as he positioned himself at her entrance. He pulled back from the kiss, meeting her eyes, “Are you ready, love?” She nodded, wrapping her arms around his neck. “I love you Spencer.” 

He smiled, “I love you too, Merril. With all my heart.” He leaned back down, kissing her neck as he slowly pushed into her. She gasped, her grip tightening as she felt him stretch her. Spencer whispered sweet nothings in her ear, babbling about how much he loved her and how beautiful she was. After a few moments he was fully inside of her and he stayed perfectly still, letting her get adjusted to his size. Merril tried taking deep breaths, trying to relax. Her eyes were closed and she focused solely on Spencer’s words. After a moment she had gotten used to his size. “o-okay….it’s okay.” She whispered and he slowly pulled out before pushing back in. 

Spencer moaned at her tightness, using his self control to make sure that this was as pleasant for her as it was for him. He kissed her neck, a hand moving to cup her breast, brushing his thumb over her nipple. He continued a slow and steady pace and soon Merril was pushing back to meet his gentle thrusts. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before, the pain had subdued and all that was left was pleasure. 

Spencer knew he wasn’t going to last long, not after all of their waiting and just how good Merril felt with him inside of her. He slipped his hand between her legs, brushing two fingers against her clit, circling it. She moaned, bucking against him and was rewarded with a groan slipping from his lips. He crashed his lips against hers and she returned the kiss eagerly. Her tongue slipped from between hers and into his parted lips, brushing against his own tongue as their bodies melded together. 

She felt the building up inside of her stomach as he continued to pleasure her clit and soon she was moaning loudly, her back arching as she orgasmed, her walls clenching around him. He came soon after, spilling inside of her with a few more hurried thrusts. They both laid there for a moment, breathing heavily. Spencer slid out of her and moved to lay down beside her, pulling her close to him. She smiled at him, kissing him softly as tears sprung to her eyes. 

"Are you okay? Did I hurt you, love?" Spencer asked hurriedly, worry in his eyes. She shook her head. "It hurt at first…but after…it was…perfect." She smiled, overcome with joy at the fact that she had just made love to the man who had loved her so unconditionally for so many years. Spencer smiled, relaxing at her reassurance that she was fine. "You’re perfect." He whispered, kissing the top of her head. 

As they both fell into a slumber, Merril looked at him through sleep-filled eyes. There was definitely a first time for everything, but Merril knew this definitely wouldn’t be the last. 

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